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AAPL has always been very sensitive to the environmental aspects and consistently works towards making the planet a better place to live in. These efforts are getting further refined by way of our operations adopting international standards.

AAPL is committed to environmental protection, which lays emphasis on our view that profitable industrial enterprise and respect for the environment are mutually achievable objectives. AAPL processes evaluate social and environmental impact to ensure sustainability for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, governmental authorities, and others.

The leadership team of AAPL is committed to environmental protection with an eye on united national social development goals (SDG) through the following key areas-

Efficient natural resource consumption and pollution prevention- AAPL is highly committed to reducing the consumption of natural resources and reducing air pollution. We are challenging the existing processes to remove, reduce, reuse, and recycle the process outputs to minimize the associated environmental footprint.

Compliance with applicable rules and regulations- AAPL gives top priority in ensuring adherence to environmental compliance and others related to state and local requirements.

Stakeholder needs and expectations – AAPL manufacturing locations establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve environmental aspects. A structured approach is adopted to ensure that the process is effectively implemented, thus ensuring all the requirements are addressed adequately.

AAPL provides a framework for contributing to environmental sustainability in three key areas:

  • Reducing consumption of natural resources
  • Minimize the release of greenhouse gas emissions and
  • Waste disposal in landfills
  • These processes are driven by implementing international standards like 14001.